Party Extras & FAQs

Party Extras & FAQs

We can Supply all of the following as Party Extras, helping to make all parties a truly memorable experience.

Bell Tent Hire for Parties & Sleep Overs Solihull, Midlands & Birmingham

Bell Tent Hire

We are delighted to now be offering Bell Tent Hire to host our parties in. Our fabulous 5 metre Bell Tent is also available to hire for sleepovers. We don’t think there’s a prettier party setting than this…

Professional Photography Services

We are super proud to be working alongside 2 local professional photographers that can supply you with either 2 or 3 hours work along with a CD ROM of your child’s party – giving you opportunity to enjoy the party and not spend the whole time behind a lens.

Cupcake Party Bags and Favours

Cupcake Party Bags & Favours

We can provide both Corporate and Themed Individual Cupcake boxes and Favours for Corporate and Charity events throughout the Midlands. Our Individually designed Cupcake boxes also make ideal Goody Bags for Parties.

Auntie Em’s Vintage Pop Up Tea Shop & Vintage China Hire Solihull, Warwickshire, West Midlands, Birmingham, Wolverhampton & Walsall

Vintage China Hire and Afternoon Teas

We offer both Adult and Child Friendly Afternoon Tea complete with Vintage China Hire, Just like all of our cakes, we can cater for Special Dietary requirements, each afternoon tea offering automatically comes with vegetarian options.


Q. Can you book the venue for our event?

A. We no longer book venues for events, however we really recommend a venue with two separate rooms, one for food and one for the party activity.

Parking availability should also be considered – especially ease of access for loading and unloading

We also recommend that the toilets are near to the party room – this saves little legs from wandering too far

Q. When do you need to know the final figures for our party/event?

A. We always ask for final figures as soon as possible to allow us to roster the relevant number of hosts for your event – at the very latest 10 days before the event

Q. Do you require a deposit?

A. We do require a deposit of 50% of a package for 6 in your chosen party to secure your booking – additional guests and party extra’s are added to the final invoice issued 16 days before your event

Q. Are the deposits refundable?

A. Unfortunately deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances – we can however change your party date (subject to availability) if required

Q. When is the party balance payment due?

A. Party Balance must be paid 14 days prior to your event – this is payable by Credit/Debit card via invoice

Q. We have chosen a monthly instalment plan – how do we pay?

A. Monthly instalment plans are paid by Credit or Debit card via Invoice on 1st of the month – Invoices are sent via Secure Stripe Payments – with a click to pay option on each invoice – we will never ask for direct bank transfers.

Q. Who is your Public Liability Insurance with and for how much?

A. We have £1000000 public liability insurance via AXA Insurance

Q. Why do we have to sign consent forms

A. Consent forms are required for all guests at all events as they outline the activities and any risks associated – the consent forms are also required to grant permission for photographs to be taken – NB if we are contacted by one parent refusing permission for photo’s then this will be a blanket ban on all photography at the event as a safe guard for their child

Q. Do all host’s have enhanced checks to work with children?

A. All hosts have an enhanced check specific to working for Scrumptious Parties Ltd – please note enhanced checks are not a legal requirement for children’s parties but we would never send unchecked staff to any event

Q. I have a high public profile but wish you to host my child’s party, would you be willing to sign an NDA?

A. We have worked with many high-profile families, and are experienced with NDA’s – all host’s attending any event have enhanced checks and would be fully briefed on all restrictions – none of our hosts are permitted to share any party related posts on their own personal social media pages

Q. A guest has failed to attend are we entitled to a refund?

A. Unfortunately we are unable to refund for no shows as our parties are pay per head activities – the preparation work and rostering of relevant hosts will have been made and these costs need to be covered. Where possible we will always leave the activity for you to pass onto the child who has been unable to attend (teddy, deco patch and cupcake parties)

Q. How much space is required and what do we need to provide?

A. All of our table activities are designed so that the children can stand around the table – suddenly a 6-seater table is suitable for 10 children – we also hire tables if you think space maybe at a premium- all we need you to provide is enough space for all the guests to fit and plenty of coffee to keep your hosts going

Q. Is there a limit to the number of guests?

A. For our Spa parties we do have a limit of 20 guests – there are no upwards limits on any of our other parties

Q. Do I need to provide any music?

A. We provide our special spa music for both of our spa parties – however do not supply music for any other parties – top tip is to prepare a party playlist prior to the event with lots of the birthday child’s favourite tracks on

Q. Do you require a deposit?

A. We do require a deposit of 50% of a package for 6 in your chosen party to secure your booking – additional guests and party extra’s are added to the final invoice issued the Monday before your event


Q. I live on a red route with parking restrictions, will this be a problem?

A. As long as you let us know in advance this is no problem at all – just let us know where the nearest loading bay is and we’ll use this to unload and then park where there is parking (useful to let us know where that is and any charges beforehand too)

Party Planning Tips

Top tips for a perfect party

We all want to provide a memorable party for our children and all of their guests, here’s our tips on creating a party to remember – without the stress

  1. WHO TO INVITE – Stick to an invite list and budget – Parties and guest lists can soon get out of control – make it clear to your child (and your bank balance) that they can invite X…. amount of guests
  2. COMMUNICATION – Once the guest list has been decided – create a WhatsApp group (or similar) for the party and all parents – this is super helpful for rounding up RSVP’s, giving directions to the venue, and sending our consent forms via PDF – perfect for sharing photos of the party afterwards
  3. PHOTO PERMISSIONS – Use the WhatsApp group to discuss authorisation regarding photographs, and if and when they can be used – get this organised and agreed early on to prevent hick ups with consent both on the day and even worse afterwards when photo’s have been posted to social media or shared amongst friends – at 83% of our parties we are not permitted to take or share photo’s
  4. CATERING – Keep catering simple – or let us cater – Party boxes prepared the evening before are perfect – you really don’t want to be preparing sandwiches during the party or as your guests arrive as you’ll miss the fun –
  5. DIETARY REQUIREMENTS – If you have any guests with special diets – discuss well in advance what can and can’t be consumed (most parents with children on special diets are usually willing to self-cater)
  6. HOME PARTIES – If hosting your party at home, make it clear which areas are out of bounds – most parties only need to be in one room with access to a toilet and hand washing
  7. SPA PARTIES – If hosting one of our spa parties – please send a message round to all parents the evening before reminding them to ensure all varnish is removed from all nails –
  8. MUSIC – Make a music list before hand and stick to it – once you start asking for requests on the day – you’ll feel like you are playing DJ instead of host
  9. GUESTS PARENTS/GUARDIANS – Make it clear whether parents are to stay or not – we find our parties work best if parents don’t stay
  10. CHARGE your phone/camera – you really don’t want to miss out on catching birthday moments – they only happen once a year – better still arrange for a friend to take photo’s and you can relax, enjoy and get involved in the party
  11. MAKE MEMORIES – Make the most of your child’s parties – childhoods are short and birthdays very special – get involved – stay in the room and enjoy the moment – (also a perfect way to see how your child’s friendship group interact with each other)
  12. BE KIND – we emphasise at the start of each party to be kind and inclusive –
  13. TOILET ROLLS – yes, I can’t believe I’m mentioning this but please make sure you have plenty of toilet roll – with a spare within eyes view – same as hand towels – have two – children tend to go in pairs (as a minimum)
  14. ADULT DRINKS – don’t go mad – bottled water, tea and coffee is ample – but please remember to offer your host’s a drink on arrival – chances are we have several parties a day and will have had a long journey to get to you – we all have water bottles but caffeine is very much appreciated (and needed)
  15. PARKING – If parking is at a premium, plan in advance to move your cars to make way for drop offs – better still use the WhatsApp group to arrange a round robin taxi –
  16. BALLOONS AND DECORATIONS – Blow up balloons and place decorations ready the evening before – its one less thing to keep you awake the night before
  17. PETS – We are animal lovers (I have three rescue beagles) however children’s parties are not the place for pets (you know your pets best however) arrange a pet sitter, doggy day care etc for the day –
  18. CHOOSING A VENUE – If you decide not to host your party at home consider your venue – ONLY hire a hall or venue you have visited or used before – be clear about the timings – there is nothing more stressful than not having access when you expected too!!!


Don’t just ask the following questions but actually find out for yourselves

Do they have ample parking?

Is it secure?

Is there a separate room for food?

Is there a kitchen? If so what does it include?

Ask for a check list for when leaving the venue – if they don’t provide one please ask to be met at the end of the party

Make sure you hire the hall for at least AN HOUR prior to party start time and AN HOUR after – any less and you are creating unnecessary stress

Many halls now have restrictions on decorations, glitter, slime etc – ask first

Take ample cleaning supplies – and friends and family willing to clean –

Take ample kitchen roll and toilet roll – hand wash is always handy too

If the hall has an Urn – boil a kettle of water first to get it going and switch it on as soon as you arrive – otherwise you’ll be serving luke warm drinks

For cleanliness use disposable cups – and have plenty of napkins to hand

Take several rolls of bin bags – if you only take one roll you can be sure you’ll lose it

Wet wipes/baby wipes/cleaning wipes Take plenty

Place your car keys and the hall keys out of reach – the last thing you want is to lose them


Our Party Hall survival kit

Washing up liquid

Cleaning spray

Toilet rolls



Coffee Cups (with lids)

Tea Towels

Cleaning wipes

Hand wash


Antiseptic cream

Coffee stirrers

Baby wipes

Kitchen roll

Hand towel

Rolls of bin bags


Paper napkins


Party Extras available across Warwickshire, West Midlands, Birmingham, Wolverhampton & Walsall